Powerful, quiet and perfectly integrated - these are the attributes of the Bafang M-Series. Due to the compact design, the mid-motors of the M-Series can be installed inconspicuously on many types of eBike. A key characteristic is their extremely harmonious handling.


Are you looking for a light motor for your eMTB? Our M820 is the answer.

With only 2.3kg, it convinces in all points with 250W rated power and strong 75Nm (max effective torque) for a maximum extended cadence support of 120 rpm. Thanks to its perfectly tuned torque sensor, it can control the exact power according to the pedaling force.


Bafang's powerhouse! With a maximum torque of 160Nm and 750W or even 1000W rated power output, the M620 is predestined for eCargo bikes and eFat bikes as it will definitely get the heaviest loads accelerated on even the steepest incline. Due to the system's dual sensor design, the rider has full control at all times and enjoys extremely sensitive responsiveness. In use with logistics companies across the globe.


Would you like a little more? The M600 motor – 500 watts rated power, 120Nm max. torque, just 3.9kg – always delivers top performance and is the first choice for modern eMTBs. With its triple sensor system (1 torque, 2 speed sensors) it reacts with lightning speed to your pedal-power input and delivers impressive support at all times.


With its reduced design, the M420 drive system perfectly fits modern & stylish city and trekking eBikes. The latest iteration of the M400 range with a rated power of 250W smoothly supports until the legal speed limit of 25kph. Powerful 80Nm of torque and sensitive controls result in a user-friendly support characteristic, especially when starting and riding uphill.


M510 is an overturning upgrade of the eMTB performance motor. Comparing with the last generation, the max torque of M510 remains 95Nm, but the weight is reduced by 18% while the max power output is increased by 20%. Max cadence support is extended up to 120RPM.


eMTBs can rely on the powerful and efficient M410 mid motor. With 250W dependable power and 80Nm torque, it offers strong support where needed.


Smooth, silent and very economic: The compact M200 mid-motor shines with an overwhelming cost-performance ratio. Weighing just 3.2kg at 250W rated power output and 65Nm of max. torque, it is perfectly suited to entry-level eCity bikes.


Super strong and efficient, this mid-drive system with a rated power of 750 or 1000W and a max. torque of 160Nm is an ideal upgrade for vehicles such as eSpeed and eCargo bikes. Compatible with frames with 68-120 mm bottom bracket width.


Light but strong and efficient, this mid-drive system with a rated power of 500W and a max. torque of 100Nm provides ideal support for vehicles such as eTricycles, eTour and eCity bikes. Compatible with frames with 68 mm bottom bracket width.


Powerful, cost effective, maintenance-friendly and easy to install. With its 250W rated power and 80Nm of max. torque, it delivers a more than welcome support to your ride. Compatible with frames with 68 mm bottom bracket width.


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