eFat Drive Systems

Rough terrain with dirt, sand or snow: maximum traction is essential here. The combination of fat tyres and a powerful Bafang engine meets the requirements perfectly.For unforgettable adventures that you would never have experienced with muscle power alone.

M620 Drive System

With a maximum torque of 160Nm and 750W or even 1000W rated power output, the M620 Drive system is predestined for eFat bikes

H550 Drive System

eFat or heavy-duty eCargo bike. Both can rely on the powerful and efficient H550 rear drive system. With 250 - 1000W dependable power and 55 - 95Nm torque it offers utmost performance where needed.

H500W Drive System

H500W rear drive system with 750W or 1000W dependable power and 80Nm or 95Nm torque it offers strong support where needed.