8 Top Cycling Destinations

If you're looking for inspiration for your next eBike adventure then look no further!

As part of our latest giveaway, we asked YOU - our incredible Bafang community - for your favourite places to explore on two wheels. We received so many fantastic recommendations and today we're excited to share our community's favorite riding spots for you to discover and enjoy!

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Known as the cycling capital of the world, Amsterdam is a haven for two-wheeled enthusiasts everywhere. With its flat landscape, highly developed cycling infrastructure, and a cultural embrace of cycling, the Netherlands offers an unparalleled experience on two wheels. Amsterdam's cycling culture is deeply embedded in the daily life of its residents, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking the true essence of urban cycling. Just be careful to avoid an unexpected splash in the city's network of canals!

Rudi, The Netherlands: "The place to be for a nice city trip? That's my birthplace, Amsterdam! Enjoy the beautiful old center, the canals, the harbour. In the morning, the afternoon, the evening, or the night, there is always a part of the day to explore Amsterdam!"

The Amalfi Coast, Italy

With its winding roads and breathtaking sea views, the Italian coastline is a cyclist's dream. This coastal paradise offers the chance to immerse yourself in Mediterranean culture. Cycling along the Amalfi Coast is not just an adventure; it's a journey through the essence of "La Dolce Vita," where every pedal stroke takes you deeper into the rich tapestry of Italian coastal life.

Steve, United States: "The Amalfi Coast in Italy offers breathtaking scenery and winding coastal roads, making it a fantastic destination for cycling enthusiasts. You can explore charming villages, enjoy stunning sea views, and experience the unique culture of this beautiful region while riding along its picturesque routes."

The Atlantic Road, Norway

With 8km of winding road and awe-inspiring views of the Norwegian Sea, the Atlantic Road is a must-visit for cycling enthusiasts. A part of Norway's national cycle route 1 and the pan-European route EuroVelo1, you may recognise this iconic cycling location from various appearances on the big screen including Daniel Craig's final appearance as James Bond in "No Time to Die".

Fritz, Noway: "Consider biking along the stunning Norway's Atlantic Road, offering dramatic coastal scenery and architectural marvels."

Elbe Sandstone Mountains & Black Forest, Germany

On the borders of southeastern Germany and the northern Czech Republic lies the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. Its unique sandstone formations, deep valleys, and stunning landscapes make it a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Over in the state of Baden-Württemberg, southwest Germany, the Black Forest is another stunning mountain range characterized by dense forests, rolling hills, picturesque villages, and scenic lakes.

Anonymous: "Germany offers incredible cycling opportunities. For a secret gem, try the Elbe Sandstone Mountains for challenging trails and breathtaking views. Or explore the well-known Black Forest, famous for its picturesque routes. Both destinations are a cyclist's paradise."

Oxford, United Kingdom

A popular filming destination, this English city is famous for its historic buildings, the oldest of which has been standing since the 15th century! Perfect for movie buffs and literary scholars alike, here you can visit the iconic filming locations of block-buster movies including the legendary Harry Potter series.

Anonymous: "Great little city to ride around is Oxford, UK, so accessible by bike and plenty of pitstops along the way. Ride along the river and see where you end up."

Scotland, United Kingdom

Nature lovers are sure to thrive in the beautiful and varied landscape of Scotland. With its rich history, remote locations, and no shortage of lore and legends to enthrall you on your cycling escapades, it's no wonder so many of you cited this beautiful country as a must-see destination!

Eric, United Kingdom: "Fort William, SCOTLAND. Awesome trails and local food and places to stay."

Luca, United Kingdom: "Cycling around Skye was a journey of a lifetime. The rugged landscapes of the isle greeted me with awe-inspiring cliffs, dramatic sea views, and lush meadows. Pedaling along winding coastal roads, I passed colourful houses standing out against the grey skies. I marveled at the iconic Old Man of Storr and the mystical Fairy Pools, surrounded by crystal-clear waters. The ever-changing weather brought moments of sunshine and sudden rain showers, adding to the island's intrigue. Each hill conquered, each horizon discovered, left an indelible mark on me. Skye's enchanting beauty made every uphill climb worth the effort, and I departed with a heart full of memories and a longing to return to this picturesque isle."

Marco, United Kingdom: "Cycling in Scotland is a thrilling journey through a land of ancient castles and misty lochs, where rugged mountains give way to lush glens, and the ever-changing weather adds an exhilarating twist to every pedal stroke. Whether you're tackling the challenging trails of the Scottish Highlands or leisurely exploring the picturesque lanes of the Lowlands, the breathtaking scenery, friendly locals, and the promise of a warm cup of tea in a quaint village cafe make every ride a memorable adventure in this land of natural beauty and rich history.”

Sydney, Australia

Cycling is a fantastic way to explore the home of the iconic Sydney Opera House. This well-known city boasts a network of interconnected cycle paths including a cycleway across the famous Sydney Harbor Bridge. But that’s not all! Within reach of the bustling cityscape, cyclists can also explore secluded coves and beaches, as well as sprawling parkland featuring an array of cycling trails and natural wonders.

Ryan, Tokyo: "Sydney, Australia! The coastline is amazing!"

The Peak District, United Kingdom

Whether mountain biking or road cycling is your cup of tea, England’s Peak District has something for everyone to enjoy. From solo multi-day adventures through remote countryside to family outings along gentle leisure routes, this stunning landscape features farmland, limestone gorges, gritstone escarpments, valleys and rolling hills.

Brendan, United Kingdom: "The Peak District of northern England is great for all types of riding and has beautiful scenery."

Thank you to each and every person who submitted their favourite cycling spots – we hope these have inspired you to embark on your next cycling adventure.

Looking for spots in the USA? Fear not! We had so many brilliant suggestions for the USA that we’ll be dedicating a whole upcoming blog post to them – stay tuned!

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