As part of our latest giveaway, we asked YOU - our Bafang community - to share with us stories of your cycling adventures. We received so many wonderful tales - look out for 'Part 2' coming soon!

From the humorous and heart-racing to the emotional and inspiring; today, we are excited to share just a small selection of these stories with you. We hope that they may inspire you on your cycling journey, just as they have inspired us in our continued pursuit of innovation in this ever-growing industry.

Second Chances

Stories like this are a huge part of our 'why'. Life is full of unexpected turns and bumps in the road. When faced with a life-changing injury or illness, it's devastating when life's challenges threaten to strip us of that which brings us joy. But the accessibility of electric bikes offers those with physical limitations the chance to experience the joy of cycling in ways they previously thought impossible. In the following stories, electric bikes have brought the gift of a second chance at a beloved activity and have even become an integral part of rehabilitation after life-altering injuries.

Mark, United States:

"I've been a lifelong cyclist on two wheels for six decades. In my youth, I raced road and mountain bikes. Bicycles are part of my DNA. Unfortunately, in March of 2022, a drunk driver nearly took that all away.

After over a year of hard work and therapy, I was excited and ready for my first ride since the crash. WOW! Was I in for a big surprise! Not only was I not ready for a big ride, but a ride of only a few miles beat me up! (My right leg has been permanently injured from the crash). Not taking this lying down, I began to research e-bike technology to fill the gap until I could get back onto a "traditional" bike. After weeks of pouring through what seemed hundreds of choices, I made mine.

On a new e-bike outfitted with a Bafang 750W motor, I took my first motorized ride. WOW... again! This time an exclamation of surprise and happiness was my reaction. I cannot express the feeling of freedom to once again enjoy miles of road & trail at my leisure! Thanks to Bafang-powered e-bikes, I feel like I have my life back again!"

Mathilde, United Kingdom:

"I work at VOLT Bikes and most of our range is equipped with Bafang motors. I am one of the founders of the LNDN Surfgirl Community with 500+ female members created for women living in London who love to surf. In June 2021, my friend, Betta, co-founder of this group contacts me from her work, she is a physiotherapist specialised in neurology. She tells me about this woman called Charlotte, a surfer who had a terrible quad accident in Costa Rica who after losing control of it, fell off a cliff and was left paralysed face down in the jungle. Charlotte fell from the road's edge, down a sheer drop, and her quadbike tumbled straight down after her, breaking her spine. She suffered an L2 incomplete spinal cord injury and was told she'd never walk again.

Now, two years on from the crash, Charlotte has defied doctor's predictions and is back on her feet. The reason why Betta contacted me is because she believed that Charlotte would extend her rehabilitation of leg muscles by cycling by herself and only motorised assistance could help her with the recovery. I lent her a VOLT Burlington with the motor in the back wheel and the throttle which was a game changer for her, we started cycling together and I could see tears of joy coming down her cheeks. We cycled around London Bridge and shared this emotional moment together, we have been good friends ever since then.

Here is the best part, Charlotte used to live in Paris and was always a confident cyclist. Her progress on the bike was absolutely phenomenal, she purchased her own VOLT Burlington and you could not get her off it! She cycles all the time, whatever the weather, gaining strength back in her legs as well as her freedom and independence, she is a true inspiration as she always pushes her limits! She just climbed Snowdon supported by the Millimetres 2 Mountains foundation and kept up with her surfing by riding on her knees on her board. I am actually shocked to be writing this but 2 weeks ago she managed to stand up and catch a long wave back to the beach! She would have never been there without her determination and her trusty electric bike. I really hope you share this story so more people can be inspired and join the ride!"

Romance in Motion

Whether it's a Sunday afternoon rolling along a canal path and stopping at your favorite waterside lunch spot, or a crisp winter morning cycling through the city, stopping at your local coffee shop for warm pastries and a rich cup of hot chocolate. Cycling can be your opportunity to spend some 1-on-1 time with your partner, free from the distractions and stresses of daily life.

Christian, United States:

"My favorite memory of cycling was this past summer. I biked down from my apartment to the local grocery store with my girlfriend and we bought some wine, cheese, bread, and some beer. From there, we put on music and meandered on down to the canal trail and biked up a few miles before it started to rain. We stopped, laid out a blanket for a picnic and enjoyed the warm summer day despite the rain. After a bit, we headed home on our bikes, the wind drying the water from our clothes."

Neil, United States:

"My wife and I decided to try tandem cycling. A good friend (experienced tandem rider) told us tandem is the 'relationship accelerator.' Whichever way the relationship is headed, you'll get there faster after spending 2 hours riding!"

Thank you to each and every one of you who submitted your cycling stories as part of our latest giveaway! If you haven't already, be sure to follow us on social media to become part of our wonderful Bafang community and to be the first to know about similar giveaways and Bafang news.

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