Bafang’s Newest eMTB Rider

A New Chapter Begins

Bafang is thrilled to announce its latest collaboration with experienced mountain biker, Alban Aubert! As we eagerly join forces with Alban, a rider whose passion for exploration aligns perfectly with our brand ethos, together we are poised to embark on an adventure filled journey exploring the world of ebikes and pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Join us as we delve into Alban's perspective on this exciting collaboration.

Alban: “After years of having mountain bike brands as my main sponsor, it's a turning point for me to have Bafang as my main partner. It's exciting because there's still a lot to develop in this field.”

Bafang's Commitment to Sustainability

One of the aspects that captivated Alban during his encounter with Team Bafang at Eurobike was our passion for sustainability. The whole team here at Bafang envisions a greener future with light electric vehicles. Electric mobility plays a pivotal role in reducing our impact on the climate, and Alban passionately advocates this cause.

Alban: “We mustn't forget that electric mobility with light electric vehicles (including ebikes) is important to minimize our impact on the climate. And Bafang is also working in this direction.”

First Impressions of the M510

Alban has already had the chance to experience the M510 motor mounted on an Albek bike, and he was thoroughly impressed by the motor's efficiency, especially with the charging connectors.

Alban: “In some respects it's already outperforming the market leaders, as with the connectors used for charging. How simple, how efficient. That's how it should be… As for the rest – weight, power, screen, joystick – it's already working very well."

Paving the Way for Future Development

For Alban, this collaboration goes far beyond being a rider, it's an opportunity to provide valuable feedback and contribute to the future development of ebike solutions. His ambitious adventures, like traversing between Charmonix and Zermatt, and his plans to reach the highest peaks in Asia, demonstrates the confidence he has in Bafang's motors to fuel his exhilarating travels.

Alban: “For me, the idea is to be able to give feedback on the equipment and anticipate the future development of the various engines. I've already done a traverse between Chamonix and Zermatt, in a tent, with a battery prototype, and the idea is to develop this solution further. Before the highest peaks in Asia, the idea is to sleep in a mountain hut at over 3,000 meters at the end of summer. Riding both uphill and downhill. That’s the great advantage of an ebike. It’s great to spend the day on trails!”