Bafang’s auto-shift shaft drive system

Bafang is innovating for the shared mobility sector, with a system designed to deliver both enhanced rider experience and lower maintenance requirements for fleet operators

In today’s developing shared mobility industry, Bafang – as a global supplier of complete drive systems – hopes to bring some driving force to the industry through its own product technology. Combining an understanding of the shared mobility market and its own technical and product resources, Bafang has proposed a self-developed system technology called the “auto-shift shaft drive system”, which utilizes an auto dual-speed hub motor, shaft drive system and a torque sensor at the bottom bracket.

Bafang has integrated the gearbox into the hub motor which will automatically adjust the gearbox ratio dependent on the centrifugal force produced by the wheel speed. The clutch will change the gear mechanically and the rider will get a better cadence without any manual gear-shifting action, resulting in a smarter, smoother and safer riding experience. Meanwhile, the patented torque-sensing technology improves the system’s interpretation of the user’s intentions, ensuring the appropriate level of assistance is achieved.

It is rare to see multi-speed bikes in the shared mobility market, though many users would welcome the additional functionality and flexibility. The reason typically lies with the high maintenance costs associated with traditional multi-speed bikes. However, Bafang’s high-integration dual-speed motor can help reduce the maintenance and installation costs required to achieve this by eliminating the need for front and rear derailleurs, gear levers and cables, and so on.

Shared mobility brings convenience, but also means a higher frequency of use for the product, which can present challenges. Therefore, instead of the traditional combination of chain and sprocket, Bafang’s shaft drive system utilizes a main transmission shaft that closely matches the front and rear conical gears to transmit power. This directly eliminates the risk of the chain falling off and improves the efficiency of the mechanical transmission so that “arriving faster” is more than just empty words. At the same time, the entire transmission system is in an enclosed working environment, which avoids the entry of external dirt and debris and works to effectively reduce maintenance costs. From the perspective of a bike’s design,the high integration of Bafang’s ‘auto-shift shaft drive system’ offers greater opportunities for simplicity and differentiation.

The development of the industry should be based on user needs, but bike manufacturers and bicycle-sharing companies also need to consider product reliability and commercial value. True technological innovation has the ability to meet multiple requirements within an industry, and this is what we see in the combination of Bafang’s automatic dual-speed hub motor and shaft drive system. On one hand, Bafang’s ‘auto-shift shaft drive system’ enhances the travel experience for users, and on the other, it improves service efficiency, propelling the industry to a higher level.

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