A new Italian eMTB team joins Bafang's sponsorship roster...

The pandemic may have stopped many wheels from spinning, but behind the scenes, Bafang wasn't hitting the brakes. Right on time for the start of the coming racing season in Italy, we are proud to announce the cooperation between Bafang and the Italian bike manufacturer Agazzini Bikes and their factory team of riders.

From Team Agazzini:

Andrea Agazzini (Owner of Agazzini Bikes and Team Manager) says: "When I and my brother Paolo founded our small company with the Agazzini bike line in 2015, we immediately noticed the powerful motors from Bafang. The concept with their drives is conclusive and the motors are becoming more and more popular in the scene, which is reflected in the steady, economic growth of our company over the past three years. Furthermore, we can, in addition to the other two main segments, MTB and Motobike, focus more on the development of e-mountain bikes, especially in the area of racing, our passion.”

The team manager continues: “Of course it helps enormously if our bikes are equipped with the latest, most powerful engine generation, the M510, including software. We are very happy with our bike concepts and with Bafang to take them to the starting line in the e-Enduro and e-Bike Cross categories! Together we will analyze every result, every bike performance, in order to be able to carry out further synergetic development work.”

From Team Bafang:

Bafang's Marketing & Sales Director Joe Jiang agrees: "We are very happy to have found a partner in Italy in Agazzini, who saw the potential of these powerful drive systems right from the start. With this commitment, we can not only increase our common level of awareness on the Italian market, but also the various races will act as real tests for our engines under competition conditions, allowing us to gain important technical knowledge from them!"

The riders and their bikes:

Regarding the equipment used, the riders Matteo Bresolin and Paolo Agazzini will ride the new SuperEnduro e-bikes with Agazzini carbon frames and the new M510 mid-motor (95N.m.). The M500 engine, rated at 250W, supports the riders Lorenzo Aringolo, Alessandro Magi and Gianini Meschini in the e-Cross races.

The first e-Enduro race will take place on May 28th in Omegna/Mottarone (VB), while at the same time the FMI E-Bike Cross Championship will start in Abano Terme (Padua).

Bafang's sponsorship of the Agazzini Factory Team is in addition to our established commitment to the Dutch international UCI professional team from American Eagle , under the leadership of Bart Brentjens. There are exciting times ahead as we watch our two teams compete!

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