Bafang’s top tips for switching your daily journeys to a more sustainable option


Why swap four wheels for two?

We’ve all experienced a draining daily commute at some point, arriving at our destination feeling worked-up and exhausted. Hours of sitting stationary in traffic, fighting for that last parking spot, and not to mention the upfront and running costs; sometimes cars can feel like more of a hindrance than help. If only cars could be smaller, lighter, cheaper, less environmentally destructive…

This is where the humble bicycle takes center stage, bypassing these struggles easily while also offering a range of health, economic, and emotional benefits. Yes, the thought of making ‘the switch’ can seem intimidating, especially in a car-centric environment, but for most people the change from four to two wheels is overwhelmingly positive. They find themselves part of a strong cycling community and see the world opening up in a completely fresh way.


Electrify your transition

Electric bikes are an easy way to quickly pedal away from those first-ride jitters. If you’re nervous about arriving exhausted and sweaty at work, or about that steep hill at the end of your route, the pedal assist provided by a Bafang motor will help you leave those worries behind. Looking to make the switch to two wheels for fitness reasons? No problem; almost all eBikes have a no-assist mode, meaning you can activate assistance only when you need it most, leaving you to chase your fitness goals the rest of the time.


Top tips for starting out

Follow our top tips to integrate eBike commuting into your routine; get to know your bike and your preferences, build your confidence over time, and you’ll be a seasoned eBike commuter before you know it!


1. Start small

Think achievable – pick a realistic distance or frequency to kick-start your new commute and work on consistency first. For example, start with two days a week and build up on this over time, plus, this way you can avoid the rain until you’re a hardened cycle-head!


2. Gear up

Confidence goes hand in hand with feeling prepared, especially when navigating city roads for the first time. A helmet, reflective gear, bike toolkit, and bike lock will all have you feeling secure both on and off your eBike. You don’t need to break the bank – fancy gear can wait for now.


3. Test rides

Why not scout out your commuting route at the weekend when there’s no time pressure. Explore which roads you enjoy riding down, perhaps there’s a cycle path you’ve never noticed before just a little out of the way…sometimes the most direct route isn’t the best option, especially for new riders. A commuting path that you love will get you excited to ride even more.


4. Find a buddy

We’ve already mentioned community, and starting a new hobby with friends is even more fun! There’s probably someone else you know itching to switch up their routine for the better. Starting something new together and sharing your eBike experiences, even if you’re not riding the same route, will keep you enthusiastic about your new commute.

Alternatively have a search for cycling groups in your area and get to know your local biking community.


5. Have fun!

A whole new world of possibilities opens up when you start pedalling! Beyond your commute, on an eBike you’ll have more and more opportunities to get out exploring new possibilities, communities, and experiences – and have fun along the way. 


Still unsure? Why not meet team Bafang in person and take one of our drive systems for a test ride?

This summer we will be making appearances at Bike UpPro Days, and EurobikeIf you’re in the area, look out for the team and experience technology engineered to make you smile.

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