eCargo drive systems explained.

We’re all used to seeing other bikes, cars, and people on our daily commute, but with increasing frequency you may start to spot an eCargo vehicle cruising down the streets… but what exactly is eCargo, and why is it becoming so popular?


eCargo explained… eBikes with a little extra muscle

eCargo bikes are larger and designed to carry a heavier load than your average eBike, be that due to extra luggage, people, or anything else you might want to carry with you on your journey! Cargo push bikes have been around for a while, but an eCargo model equipped with a Bafang drive system offers an extra boost to transport larger loads for even longer, even faster, and even more easily. Generally, eCargo will use beefy motors with a higher maximum torque value, this allows the heavier bikes to get moving and accelerate more smoothly; something you’ll really appreciate on hill starts.


Why is eCargo on the rise?

Put simply, eCargo fills a very important niche, and it fills it well. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Negating the issue of low storage space on a regular bike, be that for commercial deliveries, travelling with family, or just bringing home your weekly shop. Cargo bikes come in a wide range of sizes and styles; commuters who may not see a regular eBike as a match for their lifestyle can unlock green transport options with eCargo.
  • Avoid the congestion and parking worries associated with travelling by car; utilize bike lanes and unlock the freedom to take that shortcut through the park that you’ve had your eye on for a while. In increasingly congested city centers these benefits should not be underestimated.
  • Compared to cars and vans, eCargo vehicles have a significantly reduced initial cost; not to mention lower operating and servicing costs further down the line! In the long term, eCargo could save a hefty sum for the budget conscious individual or business.
  • Finally, the core benefit associated with any eBike, cargo or not… a less carbon-intensive, lower polluting form of transport! This is an especially important consideration in light of the ongoing climate crisis, who wouldn’t want to travel with zero tailpipe emissions?


Commercial cargo – from groceries to gadgets

Even if you can’t quite imagine yourself exploring the world on an eCargo bike, you can still reap the benefits of their increasing popularity in the commercial sector… cleaner city air, quicker delivery times, happier couriers, and the list goes on!

Many businesses and organisations are beginning to identify the benefits that eCargo can bring, particularly when used for final-mile deliveries. The combined advantages allow eCargo vehicles to make up to twice as many delivery stops per hour than a diesel van, with 19 times less operational costs annually! With suitable investment, uptake, and infrastructural improvements, eCargo bikes could potentially revolutionize the way businesses reach their customers.


Bafang and eCargo

In its mission to provide a comprehensive and complete range of drive systems, Bafang boasts a range of eCargo suitable products. This includes the specially designed M620 drive system, with a rated power of 1000 watts and max torque reaching 160 Nm. Discover the full eCargo range here.

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