The innovative Maserati Trofeo e-race bike with Bafang’s ultra-compact M800 mid motor has received a "Winner" label at the German Design Award 2019

A few days ago,the Maserati Trofeo e-race bike, powered by Bafang’s ultra-compact M800 mid motor system, has emerged at the world's most prestigious design competition – has received the highly rated “Winner” award from a jury of design experts from industry, academia and science as well as the design industry.

Maserati Trofeo e-race bike

The iconic Maserati Trofeo e-race bike is the result of a combined design project between Maserati, Bafang and Diavelo. This ultra-light alloy electric road race bike is a leading example of the new trend category of e-bikes combining traditional road bike performance with an electric drive train system. It is the ultimate racing bike for the amateur cyclist who needs a boost from the powerful Bafang M800 motor when it is needed – to follow friends on a training run or going uphill.

The bike also received a nomination for the Italian A’ Design Award 2019 and entered into the global ‘Readers’ Choice Awards 2018’ on Bike Today. news in the ‘Best Electric Bikes’ category.

The Maserati Trofeo will be available from Spring 2019 at a suggested retail price of € 9999,-.

Bafang M800 mini mid drive system – an ultra-compact mid motor for e-road, e-gravel or e-cyclocross bikes

The form factor of this new mini-size motor creates new and significant design opportunities for bike brands that are developing ‘e-road racing style’ bikes, including gravel and cyclocross concepts. Despite its 200W power output and a max torque of 55Nm, the new drive unit’s total system weight is less than 4.4kg, including integrated battery (200Wh), 2.2” TFT display and satellite shifter pods.

Since an e-road bike will very quickly exceed the legal motor assist speed threshold, the drive unit has been tuned to perform optimally when starting off and accelerating on short sprints and steep climbs. But even more important: when the limit is reached, the drive train runs almost resistance free and the rider’s own pedaling effort is not affected. Adding just a little ‘e’ power surely will increase interest for drop handle bar bikes, taking it on the road to success with a larger audience than ever.