SR PA31.32.ST

The BAFANG speed sensor for reliable speed measurement is ideally matched to all BAFANG drive systems. It makes for an accurate support of the overall system – no matter for which application. The sensor facilitates thus a user-oriented adaptation of the drive system. The sensor is protected against contact and ingress of water and dirt and complies with IP 65.


Core Data

Type Torque Sensor,Speed Sensor
Signals (Pulses/Cycle) 32
Input Voltage(DCV) 4.2 - 5
Output Voltage(DCV) 0.74 - 3.2
Resolution (mv/N.m) 35
Operation Temperature -20 - 45℃
Shaft Standard ISIS
Weight (g) 1200

Mounting Parameters

BB Width(mm) 68
Mounting Position Bottom Bracket
Cable Length(mm), Connector Type 150 G6.4 / 950 G6.4

Tests & Certifications

IP IP 65
Certifications EN 15194 / EN 14764 / ROHS


Dimension A 155 mm
Dimension B 68 mm
Dimension C 2 - Ø58mm
Dimension D 2-M48*P1.5-6g
Dimension E 53mm
Dimension F 58mm
Dimension G 2 -13mm
Dimension H 2-M15*P1*13-6H
Dimension I 30

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