SR PA22.32.ST

This sensor detects dual-pedal torque signals and speed signals accurately. It is featured by high sensitivity to pedal signals, long service life, simple maintenance, etc.


Core Data

Type Torque Sensor. Speed Sensor
Signals (Pulses/Cycle) 32
Input Voltage(DCV) 4.2 -5
Output Voltage(DCV) 0.74 -3.2
Resolution (mv/N.m) 35
Operation Temperature -25 - 45 ℃
Shaft Standard JIS
Weight (g) 720

Mounting Parameters

BB Width(mm) 100
Mounting Position Bottom Bracket
Cable Length(mm), Connector Type 150 G6.4 / 950 G6.4

Tests & Certifications

IP IP 65
Certifications EN 15194 / EN 14764 / ROHS


Dimension A 167 mm
Dimension B 100 mm
Dimension C 2-φ44mm
Dimension D 2-BC1.37”*24T
Dimension E 65 mm
Dimension F 71mm
Dimension G 2-15 mm
Dimension H 2-M8*P1*25mm
Dimension I 63

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