SR PA161/151.32 S

The BAFANG speed sensor for reliable speed measurement is ideally matched to all BAFANG drive systems. It makes for an accurate support of the overall system – no matter for which application. The sensor facilitates thus a user-oriented adaptation of the drive system. The sensor is protected against contact and ingress of water and dirt and complies with IP 65.


Core Data

Type Speed Sensor
Signals (Pulses/Cycle) 32
Input Voltage(DCV) 4.5 - 5.5
Output Voltage(DCV) -
Resolution (mv/N.m) -
Operation Temperature -20 - 45℃
Shaft Standard JIS
Weight (g) 295;308

Mounting Parameters

BB Width(mm) 68
Mounting Position Bottom Bracket
Cable Length(mm), Connector Type 150 G6.4 / 950 G6.4

Tests & Certifications

IP IP 65
Certifications EN 15194 / EN 14764 / ROHS


Dimension A 126;130mm
Dimension B 68mm
Dimension C 2 - Ø44mm
Dimension D 2-BC1.37"*24T
Dimension E 6mm
Dimension F 27.9;29.7mm
Dimension G 2 -17mm
Dimension H 2-M8*P1*25 mm
Dimension I 39mm

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