BT C01.600.UART




Core Data

Rated Voltage(DCV) 43
Nominal Capacity(Ah) 14

Base Parameter

Energy Content(Wh) 600
Com Protocol UART
Cell GA-3.5Ah
Voltage Scope(V) 36-49.2
Internal Resistance(mΩ) < 240
Charge mode CC-CV (Special 5P Charger)
Continous Charge Current(A) 2-4
Charging time 5.5h with 3A Charger
Max Continous Discharge Current(A) 23
Consumption Rate - Work ≤10mA
Consumption Rate - Sleep ≤400uA
Consumption Rate - Deep Sleep 50uA
Operation Temperature-Charge 0°-45°
Operation Temperature-Discharge -20°-60°
Storage(At 35% SOC & -10 ~ 35℃) 6Months
Cycle Life 500(60%SOC(@20±5°C, Charge @0.2C and discharge@0.5C))

Matching Parameter

Position Carrier
Dimension(mm) 408*123*70
Weight(kg) 3.5
Controller Box Front / Rear Motor
Carrier Optional
Charger Special 5P charger

Tests & Certifications

IP-Code IP 65
Certifications CE / UN 38.3


Dimension A 408 mm
Dimension B 70 mm
Dimension C 123 mm

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