FM G370.250.D/V

This front-drive motor, which has an inner rotor, is compatible with a disc or a V brake and has a rated power of 250W. Because of its inner rotor design and a large reduction ratio (1:12.5), the motor's power can be effectively released. Small in size, light in weight, high in efficiency, and smooth & quiet in running, this motor is suitable for city bikes. This motor is silver.


Technische Spezifikationen

Position Front Motor
Wheel Diameter (Inch) 26/700C/28
Bauweise Gear drive
Nennspannung 36/43
n0 (Rpm) 240/265
Nennleistung 250
nT(Rpm) 211/235
Max Drehmoment 30 N.m
Leistung ≥ 80
Color Silver
Operating temperature -20-45℃


Gewicht 1.7
Bremse V-Brake/Disc-Brake
Einbaubreite 100
Max. Durchmesser 103
Kabelverbindung Shaft Side, Left
Cable Length(mm), Connection Type 250 G9.1
Speichen 36H*13G


Lautstärke < 50

Tests & Zertifizierung

IP-Code IP 65
Zertifizierungen ROHS / CE
Salt Spray Test Standard(h) 96


Maß A 87mm/85.4mm
Maß B 45mm
Maß C 103mm
Maß D 91mm
Maß E 2-3 / 8-26UNF-2A
Maß F 4.5mm
Maß G 10.5mm/12mm
Maß H 2.6mm
Maß OLD 100mm
Maß WL 54.5mm
Maß WR 45.5mm

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