Team Bafang wins at the 24 hour E-Bike race at the Nurburgring in Germany

At this year's race came to a total of 13 4-team. Including a Team in France, Italy and Luxembourg. Due to a storm warning of the start had to be postponed twice.  Team Bafang entered as the only team without a Bosch engine, instead using the new innovative Max Drive System. After starting the French team went straight ahead and built this out until nightfall on 10 minutes. In the darkness, then came our team riders round closer to round. Shortly after midnight, the Team went for the first time in the lead. This was not even issued. Risks was on the legendary Nordschleife of the Nürburgring with more than 500 meters above sea level! Then there was a 500m long steep section with 27% gradient. A round length was 24km. After that has been changed. The Max Drive System was this challenge with flying colors. The engine was outstanding with his by zugsstarken engine. We did not have a technical defect. The drivers gave their utmost to win. Their advantage was that they all possessed a longstanding ring experience.


The team consisted of the team leader Bafang Ulli Golla, the Bafang Service Manager Bart van den Boom and the drivers Marc Golla, Joachim Sommershof, Frank Heinrich Müller-Aepfelbach.