Facts & Figures

BAFANG looks back onto a positive and successful development in the last ten years since the company was founded. This is also reflected in the positive figures about the company.



85.000.000 $

turnover was made by BAFANG in 2015 – once again beating the record of the previous year’s sales.

500 customers

worldwide put their trust in the driving systems manufactured by BAFANG. With its enlarging product range BAFANG is looking for new customer groups.

56 products

of the categories motors, HMIs, storage batteries, sensors, controllers and connectors make up BAFANG’s product range.

3 locations

are home to BAFANG’s manufacturing places and offices, two in China (Suzhou and Tianjin) and one in Europe (The Netherlands).

1.000.000 motors

and sets are produced by BAFANG annually. Over half of its motors and systems are sold in Europe. 

325 staff

work for BAFANG worldwide. The majority of staff are based in the company locations in Suzhou and Tianjin.

6 components

are the basis for BAFANG’s product range. With these BAFANG covers the whole system of e-bike components.